Who is your most unlikely friend?

Of all your friendships, which one probably makes the least sense to outside observers? Maybe you and that particular friend have very different personalities or interests or backgrounds. I’m curious about how these unlikeliest friendships start and why they work. I also wonder about the corresponding question: Who is your most LIKELY friend? (This would be the friend that makes you think, “Well of course _____ and I are friends!”) There’s a lot to unpack in these questions about what we value in our friendships, what parts of our whole selves we make visible to the world at large, and even how we choose to let people into our inner lives.

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One thought on “Who is your most unlikely friend?”

  1. This question may result in some interesting mixed feelings. One on hand, in thinking about these friends, you could think, “We’re friends despite all these things we have working against our friendship. Wow, we must be really good friends!”
    On the other hand, you could come to the conclusion, “We have all these things working against us… is it really worth maintaining this friendship that has to fight to survive?” (e.g. we have nothing in common, don’t live in the same place, have no mutual friends, etc).

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