What’s the combined age of the outfit you’re wearing right now?

I’m at home writing this. At this very moment I am wearing: 1) socks that are probably 6 years old, 2) a pair of snow pants (because I grew up in CA and I’m a total baby about the cold) that’s at least 12 years old, 3) a shirt that’s a bit less than 1 year old, and 4) a jacket that’s just over 1 year old. So the combined age of my whole outfit is right around 20. How old is your getup? I started thinking about this question after hearing an interview with the founder of the outdoor lifestyle brand Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard. For the founder of a massive retailer, Yvon says some pretty radical things. (For example: “Think twice before you buy a product from us. Do you really need it or are you just bored and want to buy something?”) In the interview, Yvon mentions that most of his clothes are 10 years old or more. He’s deeply concerned about consumer culture and the future of the planet. What if in an alternate universe, a big number floated above each of our heads signaling the age of our outfits? I wonder how that would change things…

Source: WBQ Original inspired by the How I Built This podcast interview with Yvon Chouinard

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