What do you have strong favorites of?

So you know how people will often ask “What’s your favorite [blank]?” Movie? Novel? Football team? Could be any number of things. And (if you’re like me) for many of these categories you think “Erggh. I don’t know, man. I don’t really have one.” So you just choose one recent movie or you mention the book that you’ve been using to answer this question for the last 10 years. You know what I’m talking about? Well, what I’m curious about is this:

What “fill-in-the-blank” categories do you have an enthusiastic, genuine response for? For example, my sister (who came up with this question) said that “What’s your favorite movie?” makes her think, “Merp,” but “What’s your favorite color?” makes her think “Ooh purple! I have an answer for that one and it’s definitely purple!”

For me, “What’s your favorite blog?” has a strong response. (Seth Godin’s.) “What’s your favorite bible verse?” has a definitive answer. (Isaiah 58) “What’s your favorite kind of rice?” comes with some seriously strong opinions. (Don’t get me started on the premium medium grain Korean brand – Han Kuk Mi – we’ve got going in our house currently.)

So what “favorites” question do you actually enjoy answering?

Source: My amazing sister Jamie who works with kids at Camp Galileo

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