What accomplishment, project, or work outcome are you most proud of and why?

This will give you a sense of the kind of work this candidate has done, for sure (scope, in what area, with what kind of team). But the real value in asking is to see how much detail you can get out of a person when it comes to the “why”. If she stops at “because I had to be very organized” or “because the team worked well together” then she may not have been the instigator – the person really making things happen. But if she can get very detailed – “Because I recognized the project was more complicated than I was used to so I found and learned how to use Trello” or “because I noticed my colleagues Jim and Jack were not working well together so I put Jim in charge of X and had Jack work with Jill on Y” then that’s when you know you’ve found someone who makes things happen.

Source: Found this repeatedly on different sites

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