When did you feel loved today?

If you can’t imagine asking your S.O. this question, you’re not alone.  But if you can get over the initial weirdness, it will pay off huge dividends.  As Glennon Doyle Melton writes over at the massive blog she started at Momastery, this question saved her marriage.  It’s a deeply honest article.  The questions included in it work 100x better than the vanilla, “Hi honey.  How was your day?”

Source: The Momastery Blog

Have you asked this question?  How did it go?  Do you have advice for how best to ask it?  PLEASE RATE!  AND WRITE A REVIEW!

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2 thoughts on “When did you feel loved today?”

  1. Today I: Cleaned the dishes, made the bed (WOAH!), folded a weeks worth of laundry and ran to the store for some much needed groceries; upon my return I expected my significant other to be beaming from all of the love I just threw his way – he was grateful, but not exactly glowing. As it turns out, taking a 3 -minute break from my to-do list to sit down and watch a goofy cat video with him was what stood out for him today. I love this question because it still surprises me how different we can be when it comes to how we perceive the other person’s effort to show love.

  2. Cherrie Henry says:

    I asked this one today to my husband. Lead to a really nice conversation and insight into who and what feels like love to my SO. You think you know these things, but there’s always more to learn! Thanks!!

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