What’s the most involved prank you’ve been a part of?

I don’t pull many pranks anymore. The pinnacle of my pranking days was freshman year of college. On April Fools’ Day a bunch of the guys in my dorm hall decided to prank all the girls in the hall. For one unsuspecting hall-mate, we taped a bunch of newspaper across her room’s door frame (almost the whole way up the door). This created a 4-inch wide space between the door itself and the newspaper. We filled the niche we’d just created with scrap paper, wrappers, and aluminum cans and plastic bottles out of the dorm recycle bins. When we were done, junk extended up seven feet or so against her door – held in place by the newspaper. All the doors in the building opened inward, so in the morning when the poor girl opened her door to start the day, an avalanche of stuff fell on top of her. Punked!! Haha! (It was all in good fun. The next day she and some friends stole our mattresses so we had nothing to sleep on at night. Oh college!)

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