What new thing have I looked like an idiot doing recently?

Everyone wants to look good. We all hate looking silly, inexperienced, and unskilled at things. The only problem is that “needing” to look good is directly opposed to lifelong learning and healthy risk-taking. I hate looking like a newbie at things but if I’m serious about self-improvement, then there’s also just no way around it. To help myself out, I’ve made it a “goal” to regularly look like an idiot while doing something I’m not good at. (Currently it’s basketball. I joined our local church league for the second season in a row. I scored 2 points the entire season last year. This year is going better but it would be hard for it not to!) When I’m achieving this “goal” consistently, I can be sure that I’m continuing to step outside my comfort zone.

Source: WBQ Original

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