What is the one thing people always assume about you?

You know there’s that thing people have been telling you for about as long as you can remember. “At first I thought you were really serious.” (I get that one a lot.) Or “No way you’re 33, I thought you were like 15 years old.” (My older sister gets that one all the time – chalk it up to being Filipina and 5’2″.) “So do you surf?” (My friend who grew up on Maui hears this one often. He doesn’t surf.) People are eager to dispel the common misconceptions about themselves. That’s what makes this a great date question. It gets you past the surface level and allows you to start relating to the other person in a more complete way.

Source: This TRULY AWESOME deck of (free!) printable conversation starters from the StartingBloc community

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2 thoughts on “What is the one thing people always assume about you?”

  1. I really like this one! People are always eager to set the record straight, but it also gives you a chance to really get to know someone, and maybe dispel your own presuppositions about them!

  2. Agreed. Very good question. Although, for most people, I imagine this is very tough to know about yourself. Would also be good to follow up with a “Hmm… I feel like people think X or Y about you.” Could be a good opportunity to compliment someone or give them some constructive criticism in context.

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