What if every “negative” quality were just one side of the coin?

This question needs some setup. But I swear it could change your life. I’ve categorized this in the “Ask Your Significant Other” category but this is more a question to ask yourself ABOUT your significant other. In the normal ups and downs of a relationship, you’ll inevitably think something like, “I hate how impatient he is,” or “I wish she wasn’t so scatterbrained!” Every time you think something like that, immediately try to match the negative quality with a corresponding positive quality that you appreciate about your partner. “I hate how impatient he is… But it’s pretty awesome that he gets so much of our to-do list done every weekend.” Or, “I wish she wasn’t so scatterbrained… But I do love the random adventures we seem to get into every time we’re together.” What if the quality you dislike and the quality you appreciate are actually related? What if “impatient” and “get ish done” are just the two sides of the larger coin called, “Momentum-maintaining”? What if “scatterbrained” and “fun rando adventures” are just two sides of the larger coin called, “Go-with-the-flowiness”? And what if you’re not allowed to hate the “negative” side without praising the “positive” side because the two are inseparable? The two are the same. Getting rid of one side would mean losing the entire coin. And then everyone’s poorer for it. Instead, train yourself in this matching game – negatives with corresponding positives. Get quick at it. Make it automatic. And start to love the larger coins in their fullness. You’ll be rich! Rich, I tell ya!

Source: WBQ Original (but I’m sure there must be a name for this concept already)

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