What did you do to prepare for this interview?

For author and consultant Suzy Welch, this question reveals a lot about a candidate’s likelihood of success on the job. If a potential new hire has “stalked” the company and its key members online and has learned enough to speak confidently about the business, this isn’t creepy – it’s thorough. On the other hand, if the candidate printed out his resume and stopped there, that might be an early sign of an underwhelming hire.

Source: This article by Suzy Welch

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One thought on “What did you do to prepare for this interview?”

  1. I was interviewing a bunch of college students for a selective program and asked this question to the first student. I didn’t get quite the answer I wanted so I tweaked it to slightly different question that turned out to be really helpful to our process. I was curious to know how the person found out about the program, where they got their information and who they talked to along the way. Asking it this way helped prompt the student to think along these lines. I found out who did the most work learning about the program and as a bonus I now have great notes on where students get their info from!

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