What concerns do you have about potentially working for (the company)?

In an interview, the best candidates are not just there to be interviewed, they’re also there to do their own evaluating of the company and its people. Anyone worth hiring has done their homework and has thought realistically about the things that may not fit. Ask this question and you’ll know if you’re talking to someone who will get things done (and enjoy working) despite challenges at the company.

Source: This great list of unconventional interview questions from On Startups by Dharmesh Shah.

Have you asked this question? How did it go? Do you have advice for how best to ask it? PLEASE RATE! AND WRITE A REVIEW (in the comment box below)!

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One thought on “What concerns do you have about potentially working for (the company)?”

  1. I re-purposed this question up a bit. I was interviewing students for an international volunteer program and framed it as “what concerns do you have about participating in this program.” It was a great opener to get students to open up about fears or anxiety especially for first time travelers. As a result, I was able to address those concerns. I don’t think students would have been as likely to voice these concerns if I had asked the more standard “do you have any questions?”

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