What book do you think everyone on the team should read?

This question does darn near everything. You find out if the person reads regularly (it’s my strong bias that they SHOULD). You learn a bit about his personality. You get to check if he really gets the company ethos and the culture. You can start to gauge whether or not he’d mix well with the existing team. And you get a book recommendation out of it whether or not you hire the person or not! Win^5

Source: This great list of unconventional interview questions from On Startups by Dharmesh Shah.

Have you asked this question? How did it go? Do you have advice for how best to ask it? PLEASE RATE! AND WRITE A REVIEW (in the comment box below)!

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2 thoughts on “What book do you think everyone on the team should read?”

  1. Love that this question is here. It is simple and a great way to get to know people deeper within few minutes. I use this to ask friends, colleagues and even strangers at times. You’ll be amazed at how much you find out about this person’s interest, passion, curiosities and love in life. Sometimes I get introduced to a wacky new world that I would have never thought of entering and other times I find a new love for a book that I’ve read a while back. Thanks WBQ for these question collections!

  2. Yes! This one gives lots of helpful information.

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