What are two questions that you’ve wrestled with during the last couple years?

So this question is categorized in the “Ask A New Hire” category but it was actually introduced to me by my friend Vicky who is the volunteer coordinator for a faith-based humanitarian organization. She asks the question like this when interviewing potential long-term international volunteers:

“Author James Baldwin, writes ‘The questions which one asks oneself begin, at last, to illuminate the world.’ Please share two questions that you have wrestled with during the last couple years, one that is personal in terms of your own life and issues and the other that is more global and/or about contemporary issues.”

Most good questions are good because they direct you very intentionally to a particular subject. But this question, on the other hand, is great because of how it OPENS up space and holds it open for the interviewee. Potential volunteers have used this question as an opportunity to wear their hearts on their sleeves, to speak passionately about what keeps them up at night, and to bring up personal details they want to share about their family backgrounds, religious views, even sexual orientation. These are important things to know. And you won’t know them unless you ask some questions that open up space!

Source: Vicky and Kara with NPH

Have you asked this question? How did it go? Do you have advice for how best to ask it? PLEASE RATE! AND WRITE A REVIEW (in the comment box below)!

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One thought on “What are two questions that you’ve wrestled with during the last couple years?”

  1. Love this question! Works great for asking college students and helps you learn more about how they view world and what’s important to them.

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