In what two places of your everyday life are you the most different?

I came across a really interesting quote in a Vox article that said, “…America contains multitudes, and we are different, and act differently, depending on what is being asked of us.”

This got me thinking about how and when my actions vary widely during the span of one day. When I lived in LA and had 2 hours of commute time every day to work, boy… stuck in traffic on the 405 freeway I acted aggressively and was uncompromising. But once I was at work (which was a religiously-affiliated non-profit), I was calm and level-headed. Maybe this makes me hypocritical. Or maybe it just makes me human. What about you? What two normal life situations make you act the most different?

Calling Time Warner customer “support” vs. Tucking in your daughter.

Hip hop dance class vs. Scheduling a doctor’s appointment.

Writing an ambitious to-do list at 3am vs. Waking up at the crack of noon…

What’s your range? I think it’s important to remember that we each contain multitudes.

Source: This article by Ezra Klein

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One thought on “In what two places of your everyday life are you the most different?”

  1. Aaron Sharp says:

    I think this is extremely interesting, since it asks people to confront potential contradictions in their way they live their life. Could get touchy.

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