If your mother wrote a book about you, what would it be called?

Love this! It’s a funny question. My sister told me about this one after she heard it on the new “Exactly” Podcast. I’m really not that sure what my mom’s book about me would be called. One possibility, though, would be: “Carlo, if you die I’m going to kill you.” Haha! She told me that after I’d decided to live and work in Haiti. That title sums up a lot about our relationship. 1) There’s a tremendous amount of love there. 2) My mom hasn’t always approved of the risks I’ve taken in life. 3) She’s always respected me and never prevented me from living life or growing up. 4) We joke with each other. There’s a lot in there! This is a great question.

Source: Kelly Corrigan’s Exactly Podcast

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One thought on “If your mother wrote a book about you, what would it be called?”

  1. Aaron Sharp says:

    My friends and I used a version of this questions at my bachelor party where the question to the crowd was, “If [the bachelor] wrote a memoir, what would the title be?”
    One choice answer was, “50 Shades of Being a Huge B*&%$”

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