If there was an award named after you, what would the award be for? And who would you award it to?

Oh man, if our little star rating system had SIX stars, this question, for me, would get all six. You get so much from a response to this. You get to watch someone’s “creativity gears” turn in real time. You find out how self-aware the person is. You learn about her strengths as well as her ability to own them. You’ll inevitably learn a bit about her sense of humor (it’s just that kind of question). You’ll find out about a person in her life whom she respects. And you won’t be bored to death having to ask another interviewee something hackneyed like “What was a challenge you faced in your last job?” This one is a gem!

Source: My good friend Carly who has been doing lots of interviews lately as a chief resident. Carly says: “The question stopped me in my tracks because it was so different, but it also put a smile on my face because of its uniqueness and opportunity for creativity and depth. I’ve used it ever since.”

Have you asked this question? How did it go? Do you have advice for how best to ask it? PLEASE RATE! AND WRITE A REVIEW (in the comment box below)!

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