How did you get money as a kid?

Did you get a weekly allowance? Were you paid for doing regular chores around the house? Did you borrow from an older sibling? Did you just ask and receive money whenever you wanted? Did you start hustling from an early age – shoveling driveways for neighbors in the wintertime? Early experiences of getting money have a way of permeating into later life. (Side story: When I was in 4th grade, a very crafty 5th-grader named Alex photocopied a Nintendo magazine that listed ALL of the Mortal Kombat II finishing moves. He peddled these black and white photocopied packets on the playground for $10 bucks a piece. I bought one and didn’t regret for a single second. (Why would I? It was Mortal Kombat II!) Looking back at it now, Alex must have made over $200 that quarter! At least. And he was 10 years old! I should look him up. Dude’s probably a billionaire. Or in jail…)

Source: WBQ Original

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