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What if we cared as much about the questions we ask each other as we do about our phones?

Upgrading our questions constantly…  Reading reviews about them to see what works best…  Closely comparing one question to another…

“Hey Jim, you and your wife use ‘When did you feel loved today?’ right?  How are you liking it?”

A better question can get you unstuck.

A way better question can change your whole damn life forever.

Asking better questions makes us brave.  It makes us come alive.

Better questions make us kind.  We need kindness.  Desperately.

Better questions make us better partners, better parents, better friends, better bosses.

When you want your life to be different than it is, it is N-O-T time to buy something.  It’s time to ask way better questions.

For you, right now – today –

Is it time?

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